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Add Contact Form To Your Website Instantly

Web Backlinks Instant Contact Form is a FREE service for website owners who wants to receive messages through a contact form, no sign up necessary.

Start receiving messages from your web page by adding the single line of javascript code below:

Replace [YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS] with your email address (messages will be sent to this email address), for example:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.web-backlinks.net/svc_genform.asp?adminEmail=user@web-backlinks.net"></script>


We do ask of you one thing :( ...

In order to support our cause and keep our services free, please include the following html code (a link back to our site) in your website:

Thank you!
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Adding the code will include a web form similar to the one below (Try it out, this is a live demo)...

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