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Web Backlinks Instant Comment Form is a FREE service for website owners who wants to receive comments on their web page, no sign up necessary. Comments are automatically moderated, so no administration is required on your part. You are also able to flag any comments published as "offensive", and it will be removed from your page.

Please note that this service only supports one comment form per page.

Start receiving and publishing comments on your web page by adding the single line of javascript code below:

If you wish to receive emails about the comments published/deleted from your page, then include the following code instead:

Replace [YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS] with your email address (email notifications about comments added/deleted will be sent to this email address), for example:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.web-backlinks.net/svc_genform.asp?adminEmail=user@web-backlinks.net"></script>


We do ask of you one thing :( ...

In order to support our cause and keep our services free, please include the following html code (a link back to our site) in your website:

Thank you!
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Adding the code will include a web form similar to the one below (Try it out, this is a live demo)...

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