Submission Guidelines

The submitted site cannot contain hate content, violence, copyright infringing material, sex, or illegal content.

Please do not submit incomplete websites or links that redirect to another website.

Your submission will be reviewed and if conformant, then your website will be listed in our web directory within 2 - 14 days. Please ensure that you adhere to our guidelines in order to get your website listed with minimum delay.

Free submissions will be listed for days after submission. You will be notified when your listing has expired, feel free to resubmit when this occurs.

Free submission reciprocal link URL will be validated days after submission. If the reciprocal link page does not contain the following code:

then an email will be sent out to you requesting to have your reciprocal link page include the code above. Your reciprocal link page will be checked again after days, and if it still cannot be validated, then it will be deleted.

Listing that has expired for more than days will be deleted. Please resubmit your listing well before its expiry date if you wish to keep your position.

Accepted listings can be resubmitted via a "single click" through the "Your Listings" page.

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Submission Guidelines