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17 Sep 14 - Sports And Fitness Exercise And Health News

Your body versus gym machines: which is better?
A 30-minute Power Plate class, which involves movements performed on a vibrating surface, is the most efficient workout for weight loss.

Forbes: iPhone 6 To 'Revolutionize Sports And Fitness' With Health App
The device will revolutionize sports and fitness, according to contributor Maury Brown, who reports Apple already has been “priming the pump” with their ad “Strength.

2370.93kj (80kg male - moderate)
Soccer (or football depending on where you are from) is the world's most popular sport, adored by players and armchair athletes alike.

Exercise Tips For Kids: How To Get 'Em Off The Couch And Get 'Em Moving
Not all kids are athletic and are drawn to organized sports like basketball, baseball or soccer. Try to look for other activities that your kid might enjoy, like swimming, ... Establish in your home that getting regular exercise is good for their ...

the rise of nude fitness
Whatever the ancient Greeks' reasons for nuding up, a wave of global sports enthusiasts are again embracing the idea of naked events and exercise. There have been nude bike rides in London; nude cross-fit classes attracted so much attention (both ...

Glamorous Olympian Tatiana Grigorieva vaults into career as beauty therapist
Seven years after her retirement from professional sport and modelling, the Brisbane gelato shop owner is now focussed on learning how to make others beautiful with a diploma of beauty therapy.

The cheapest massage you've ever had is waiting at the gym
Rollers stretch and massage the areas - and that helps athletic performance, says trainer Ashley Borden. ... She suggests trying the stretches before a workout or in the evening while watching TV. ... Lots of brands are available online and in sports ...

The 50 golden rules of fitness
Health and fitness is no different. The most common exercise setbacks are typically injury and illness. When you get struck down, rest up, recover, and when you feel like you can train again, return with vigour.

New Business Management Course Helps Health and Fitness Professionals ...
A new online course created to help health and fitness professionals improve the competencies necessary of a supervisor or manager has been released through a cooperative effort between the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the largest health and ...

You Asked: Should I Eat Before or After a Workout?
According to Dr. Rob Danoff, an Aria Health System physician with a focus on sports medicine and nutrition, your body—and especially your kidneys—can only synthesize so much protein.

Should you avoid exercise when you've got a cold?
Should you push on with your normal exercise load in the hope it might help your immune system shake the bug off? Or will that stress your body and make the illness worse?

We Can't Wait To Try These 10 New Features In iOS 8
And thanks to the HealthKit tool for developers, third-party apps and hardware will be able to sync with the Health platform so it can learn more about your health and fitness, and be able to share that accurate data -- like your resting heart rate ...

Roosters confident on Friend return
JAKE Friend is one heavy workout away from pulling off one of rugby league's most amazing comebacks. Two weeks after ... “From the start this has been about getting his health right and we feel like that was done the middle of last week. Now it is ...

Traverse City Pickleball Tourney Brings Players to Birthplace of the Sport in ...
“My health is a lot better.” Nelson and others in the broad Traverse City pickleball community, are gearing up for the third annual Great Lakes Open Pickleball Tournament, which takes place this Saturday and Sunday, September 20-21.

To make the most of a workout, experts say set the proper pace
said Thompson, director of the Research Institute for Sport and Exercise at the University of Canberra, Australia. His book details pacing strategies specific to activities from triathlons to tennis.

11 Ways to Stop Overeating After Your Workout
You must have sweated off hundreds of calories during that Spin class, so it's totally okay to indulge in a bowl of ice cream when you get home—right?

7 health-related products that may be tax deductible
7 health-related products that may be tax deductible ... SPORTS SHOES Tax-deductible if… they form part of a distinctive compulsory uniform and must be worn while on duty or you can show that having a very high degree of fitness is essential to your ...

CoverGirl ad becomes a protest tool against NFL Commissioner
CoverGirl's easy, breezy, beautiful ad campaign has undergone a shocking makeover at the hands of Roger Goodell protestors who are adept at Photoshop.

Hrithik Roshan to share his fitness secrets in a book!
According to sources, the actor is thinking of this idea as people including friends keep asking him for diet and fitness tips.

How Influential Sports Professionals Rank The Apple Watch And Owaves iPad App
I had a dream. I'm running up a trail. It's on a mountain. The trail is full of obstacles and many twists and turns. There are people passing me and laughing.

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