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18 Oct 14 - Medical Insurance News

A Health Insurance Plan to Love
Freelancers Medical, the clinic arm of the Freelancers Union's Freelancers Insurance Co., has been around for two years now, aiming to provide the city's middle-class contract workers with the sort of team-based, VIP health care frequently available ...

Qatar makes medical insurance compulsory for expats
When the change in the law was announced, Dr Faleh Mohamed Hussein Ali, assistant secretary general for policy affairs at the Supreme Council of Health, told journalists: “The National Health Insurance Scheme is not designed to cut costs or benefits.

What Every Family Should Know About High Deductible Health Insurance
High deductibles are here to stay. The average deductible for single coverage under employer plans this year is $1,217. That's almost double what it was in 2006.

Are Private Exchanges The Future Of Health Insurance?
If there's one thing that the left and right can agree about on Obamacare it's that the employer mandate is bad policy. The health care law's requirement that companies with 50 or more full-time equivalent workers offer health insurance locks further ...

MDA National members vote against Medical Insurance Group merger
A proposed merger between two of Australia's most prominent medical insurers, MDA National and Medical Insurance Group Australia, has collapsed after MDA members voted against the deal on Saturday.

How to Pick the Right Health Plan for 2015
Nearly 150 million Americans get health insurance through their employer. If you are among them, pay close attention to the enrollment materials heading your way this fall.

Walmart Health Insurance Could Leave A Really Sick Worker Broke
Walmart made news recently when it eliminated healthcare insurance for its temporary workers. Only 30,000 out of approximately 1.4 million U.S.

Wal-Mart to End Health Insurance for Some Part-Time Employees
Private-sector employers spent $446 billion on health insurance premiums in 2012, the most recent year for which the federal Medicare agency has published figures, and they were expected to pay $483 billion this year, up 22% from 2007.

Private health insurance in primary health care – what do the experts think?
One of the major policy changes on the agenda of the Federal Government is the introduction of private health insurance (PHI) into primary health care.

Aetna International Wins 2014 Health Insurance Award
LONDON, Oct 17, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Aetna International has won the coveted “Best Group International Private Medical Insurance Provider 2014” at the Health Insurance Awards held last night in London. This is the second consecutive year Aetna ...

The Difficulties of Shopping for Family Health Insurance
The search for affordable family health insurance can get complicated given the intricate rules that determine eligibility for coverage, at times creating households where some relatives remain uninsured - while others can tap private and public plans.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Luis Fábregas column
People who use Medicare , the health insurance plan for Americans 65 and older, were not affected because the skirmish involved Highmark's commercial contract with UPMC.

Senior Health Insurance Program help available
MORRIS - A volunteer counselor from the Senior Health Insurance Program is available at Morris Hospital by appointment to provide free health insurance counseling for Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers.

Small Business Health Insurance Options for 2015
options The cost of group health insurance is becoming unsustainable for small businesses, startups, and small non-profit organizations.

You Can Now Buy Health Insurance at Walmart. Should You?
America's largest retailer is expanding more aggressively into the insurance market, hoping to become the go-to place for all your health care needs. But the store is far from the only place to get your coverage questions answered.

Modern-day India needs to purchase the right kind of health insurance
Although his health insurance took care of the expenses, he had to take leave from work and tend to his daughter. His mother was almost 80 and her medical expenses were no less combined with the financial stress of leave without pay was taking a toll ...

Does your Young Invincible need health insurance?
In case you are wondering, Wikipedia says that a Young Invincible is a person between the ages of 18 and 29 who decides that it's best for their financial health to decline purchasing health insurance. The term is used particularly in the insurance ...

French turn to UK for health care insurance
"I used to pay 15 per cent of my income for national health insurance," Laurent C. said. "Instead, I now pay Amariz 350 euros (£275) a month.

Medibank sale welcome, but regulations still distort private health insurance ...
But Australia's private health insurance market will still be hobbled by vestiges of Canberra command and control that undermine insurers' ability to offer quality low-cost services by distorting their incentives.

Government close to closing loophole that lets employers offer substandard ...
Insurance consultants were surprised recently to learn that Obama administration rules allow large companies to offer their employees 2015 health plans that don't include hospital benefits. Now the administration is concerned, too. Treasury Department ...

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