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18 Oct 14 - Computer And Electronics Supplies News

How the electricity industry is trying to block solar (part 2)
I am not an electrical engineer and hadn't heard of this issue before so I asked a friend and in a nutshell, a number of devices (e.

ASML says on track to hit year's sales target
Sales figures from ASML - which supplies chip lithography systems to all of the world's largest chip makers, including Intel, Samsung Electronics and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing - serve as a leading indicator of the investment plans for the ...

Family auto-parts firms forced into overhaul
Marand framed its offering differently, switching from automotive supply -- where it produced goods like jigs and tooling, metal cutting machine tools, special purpose leak testing machines, machine tools and robotic equipment -- to precision ...

Tesla S teardown reveals it's more like a smartphone than a car
IHS Technology is dismantling a Tesla S sedan, and started with the cabin and its electronics. IHS found an infotainment and instrumentation system custom-designed and built with state-of-the-art technology, as well as a supply chain methodology that ...

Community calendar
ELECTRONICS WASTE RECYLING AND SHRED EVENT: 9 a.m.-noon Saturday at West Columbia City Hall, 200 N. 12th St. Lexington County residents may bring computers (laptops, monitors, CPUs, keyboards, printers, scanners), TVs, VCR and DVD players, fax machines ...

Experience Huntkey's Intelligent Home System at Global Sources Electronics ...
The exhibition presents all kinds of electronics products and components such as audio-visual products, branded electronics, computer peripherals, computer terminals, navigation systems, new inventions, telecommunications products and testing ...

Ask LH: When Does It Make Sense To Buy Bleeding Edge Gadgets And ...
This is especially useful if you're buying something that doesn't offer “support” in the traditional sense, like computer components for example. Of course, enthusiast culture can't get your money back if you feel like you bought a lemon, but they can ...

SL Power Electronics' LED power supply meets EMI and EMC global lighting ...
... and markets power electronics, motion control, power protection, power quality electromagnetic and specialized communication equipment that is used in a variety of medical, commercial and military aerospace, solar, computer, datacom, industrial ...

Education Notebook, Oct. 23-29, 2014
The Public Education Foundation's Teacher Exchange and Sands Expo donated repurposed and new supplies to 17 Clark County School District high school theater programs for use in their stage productions through the Setting the Stage program.

Microsoft's Quantum Mechanics
Since the physicist Richard Feynman first suggested the idea of a quantum computer in 1982, theorists have proved that such a machine could solve problems that would take the fastest conventional computers hundreds of millions of years or longer ...

B&K Precision Donates Lab Equipment to Benefit Bourns College of ...
RIVERSIDE, CA - B&K Precision, which manufactures and sells precision test and measurement instruments worldwide, has outfitted the test benches in an electrical and computer engineering lab at Bourns College of Engineering with all new, state-of-the ...

External AC-DC Power Supply Overview
Led by a number of traditional applications within the communications, computers and consumer segments as well as a number of emerging ones, the outlook for the external power supply market is expected to remain strong.

Why Bush Censored Discovery of Chemical Weapons In Iraq
Anyone who wanted to know could have known, starting in the early 1980s, that the USA was ( completely openly, not even covertly ) providing Saddam with chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons components, since the USA was one of the members of the ...

Technology And FM: The Enernet - The Next Frontier?
The concept of “computer centers,” where a small number of larger computers serves the entire system's needs with information has been replaced by “computer networks”—where a large number of distributed smaller computers, linked together in ...

Electrical Engineer
Use computer-assisted engineering and design software and equipment to perform engineering tasks. Direct field operations and maintenance of control system installations.

Chico police log
Oct. 9: 900 block of Hazel Street. Front door kicked in; loss of electronics and clothes stolen. Reported at 7:09 a.m.. Oct. 9: 500 block of West Third Street.

Imperial fills truck with used electronics
First, the TVs and computer monitors are pulled out and stacked on pallets. They are shrink-wrapped and shipped to Omaha for recycling, Bush said.

When Does It Make Sense to Buy Newly Released Gadgets and Upgrades?
This is especially useful if you're buying something that doesn't traditionally offer "support" in the traditional sense, like computer components for example. Of course, enthusiast culture can't get your money back if you feel like you bought a lemon ...

Learn programming, electronics at 'Intro to Arduino'
The Arduino is a mini computer that can function as the brains in everything from robots and flying drones to Christmas light shows, beer brewing equipment and indoor gardening. Presented by inventor and robotics instructor John Papenheim, this class ...

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 preorders start in US/UK/China – no word on Australia ...
There's no word yet on the Galaxy Note Edge - with Samsung saying during UNPACKED Episode 2 that supplies will be limited to some regions only.

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