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23 Feb 15 - Computer And Electronics News And Media News

Lenovo and me: Privacy gets personal
With those precarious margins in mind, Lenovo were quick to distance their enterprise and business Thinkpad lines from the Superfish debacle as corporate devices usually boast better returns than the razor thin profits, if any, found in consumer ...

MH370: All but one of the 'best guesses' are empty!
However, whoever disabled the ACARS server which is on board the flight (which continued to send basic here-we-are, engines-on-off signals) didn't appear to understand that the computer would continue to attempt regular stand-by exchanges with the ...

Meet Superfish: Lenovo Joins The Malevolent Side Of The Online Advertising ...
Computer security analysts had discovered something nefarious about a piece of advertising software called Superfish, which comes pre-installed on cheap Lenovo laptops like the Yoga 2. Superfish was .... The key takeaway here, though, is that the ...

Wired T-Shirt Helps You Make New Friends
A group of students from MIT's Media Lab think that online social networking could be more tangible. They've developed ... That's the haptic part - a physical sensation generated by a tiny computer chip. That tap is ... Wearable Electronics Take Over ...

Hands-on review: Raspberry Pi 2- The thrill of tinkering
The $35 Raspberry Pi, a tiny computer the size of a credit card. Source: News Corp Australia. Our computers have become too easy to use.

Raspberry Pi: a $35 computer can do a lot
So while every other electronics maker has been slaving away on ease-of-use features, Mr Upton decided to deliberately create a computer that dials back the user friendliness. After using the Pi 2, there's no doubt in my mind that it's a great way for ...

Equation Group: The Backdoors Spying On Most Of The World's Hard Drives
It's found such software on computers in over 30 countries around the world, including Iran, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Mali, Syria, Yemen and Algeria.

LG 65EC9700
All ports sit near the center of the back of the screen, where it thickens to hold the HDTV's electronics and connect to the base.

Report bares US cyber-espionage tactics
That means the US could, in theory, burrow so deeply into a target's computer that its spyware would remain even if the target reinstalls every piece of consumer software.

Samsung buys LoopPay, all but confirming new Apple Pay rival
The South Korean electronics giant has much bigger ambitions for mobile payments than simply storing user membership and loyalty cards, Rhee said.

Samsung smart TVs serve up unwanted ads
Don't store sensitive log-in details in browsers or in unencrypted documents on your computer. Protect your passwords. Don't write them on notes or where they can be easily found and use long (at least eight-character) passwords that consist of letters ...

For Independent Thinkers, San Jose's Cinequest Cracks the Code
Public Media for Northern California ... When the Cinequest Film Festival sprouted in San Jose 25 years ago, the South Bay economy boomed (and occasionally busted) on silicon chips, not consumer electronics. Diverse, highly educated worker bees endured ...

Shareholders of Synacor Nominate Three Highly Qualified Directors for Election ...
Additionally, Mr. Misthal served as Director of Finance for the Global Media team which included the Yahoo Properties as well as in various Corporate Finance roles supporting Yahoo's global strategic partnerships.

Google teams up with 3 wireless carriers to combat Apple Pay
Samsung Electronics, another major smartphone maker, may be ready to join the fray after buying a mobile payment startup called LoopPay.

Fibers made by transforming materials
The aluminum metal and silica glass react chemically as they are heated and drawn, producing a fiber with a core of pure, crystalline silicon - the raw material of computer chips and solar cells - and a coating of silica. The initial discovery was a ...

What Happens If Apple Starts Making Cars
But when media coverage suggests Apple may redesign the automobile, even the most cynical car-lovers quiver with righteous curiosity.

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Monday, February 16
What happens when the fruits of human art and intellect are stored on obsolete digital media? Tech pioneer Vint Cerf has painted a gloomy picture of what he called "bit rot": a world in which "rapid evolution of technology quickly makes storage formats ...

Neonode: A Light At The End Of A Dark Tunnel (NEON)
A history of high profile contracts may have left those shorting the stock to take action as the company announced its showcase with LG Electronics and Volvo Cars (OTCPK:VOLVY) at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in early January 2015. ... I ...

Sony Leads High-Resolution Audio Revolution in UAE
The company is engaged in the business of Sony Consumer Electronics, Data media, Recording Media and Energy (Batteries and Storage media), Mobile Electronics (Car Audio) and Computer Entertainment (PlayStation) products in more than 50 countries ...

Asahi Kasei to spend $2.2B on Polypore Intl business
Before that deal closes, Polypore International Inc. will sell its separations media segment to 3M, with proceeds from that deal going to Asahi Kasei, a chemical manufacturer with businesses in the health care, construction materials and electronics ...

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