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Human-Computer Interaction

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18 Jun 11 - Computer and Electronics Human-Computer Interaction News

Recommended: IBM thinks about the next 100 years
I'd like to volunteer for this human-computer interface lol. About time we get some technopunk Mona Lisa Overdrive goodies... Now, by a misinformed perspective, companies may see these developments as a threat. A world where there are distributed ...

Bridging the gap between real and virtual worlds
It is in this effort that we seek to connect everything around us and integrate technology into everyday objects, making the human-computer interaction easier. In simple terms, this is what pervasive computing or ubiquitous computing is all about—an ...

Touch-Screen Steering Wheel Keeps Eyes on Road
"If you have gestures on the steering wheel, you spend more time looking at the street," said Albrecht Schmidt, a computer science professor specializing in computer interaction at the University of ...

The Data Economy: How Social Networking Is Changing the Health Care Industry
This followed on the heels of another symposium that just looked and sounded interesting: It was the 28th annual Human-Computer Interaction Lab's Symposium at the University of Maryland. And while the discussion would have been over my head, ...

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